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This might be just another travel blog. But it’s ours – filled with love, exciting stories and information for your next adventure!


About Us

How all of this has started

Once upon a time … just joking. 

One evening with my friends, some glasses of wine later and some money spent on a trip to Portugal. A so called “Schnapsidee” turned out as our best trip – maybe not THE best, but close to that. During that trip we met amazing people, got a lot of inspiration how to spend life well and of course, surfing every day. 

But there was one more thing. I met my travel buddy / boyfriend. He is the one responsible for the pictures and graphics on this blog. 

After going back and forth from Germany to Italy – maybe that’s the point where I should mention that he’s Italian and I’m German – we decided to set up this Travel Blog to share our experience and inspire you with some new amazing places in Italy, Germany as well as other places around the world. 


Latest Blog Posts


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Surfcamp in a fisher village

Here our first Blog post will come soon. Stay tuned!

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